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What we Learned This Week: The New Math of Vacations

I am essay this post from a Alyeska Hotel in Girdwood, Alaska, a place a convey train motorist described as a “hippie town,” about 45 miles divided from Anchorage. we am in a midst of a snowboard vacation, and while we know that we should be relaxing and holding it easy, I’m training so most […]

At Ray’s Barber Shop a owners is 82, a cut is $10 and a fish story is free

There was copiousness going on in a tumble of 1957: Ford rolled out a Edsel to churned reviews, and a Soviets launched their Sputnik satellite, promulgation a Free World into a tailspin. In Little Rock, Ark., a high propagandize was integrated with a assistance of sovereign troops. And during Ray’s Barber Shop on Walton Avenue, […]

Are You Afraid of a Dentist?

If a small discuss of going to a dentist sends we into a tailspin, we are not alone. People have varying levels of stress about saying their dental caring provider —some come from upsetting practice and others from examination “Marathon Man” one too many times. I consider my contention has gotten a bad rep. There […]