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What we Learned This Week: The New Math of Vacations

I am essay this post from a Alyeska Hotel in Girdwood, Alaska, a place a convey train motorist described as a “hippie town,” about 45 miles divided from Anchorage. we am in a midst of a snowboard vacation, and while we know that we should be relaxing and holding it easy, I’m training so most […]

Copper Review: Daddy Is Back

Nothing like some 19th century dentristry to start things off! As it turns out, a dentist is indeed this week’s victim. Or one of them. The policeman follows shortly afterward in what seems like an open and close box of arsenic in a fruitcake, hence this episode’s title, “Arsenic and Old Cake”. I’m blissful to see […]

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Online Reviews

You shouldn’t trust all we read. And if you’re reading online reviews of products, hotels, restaurants, or internal businesses or services? Then we should trust even less. It’s apparently in a best interests of a business to boost the online ratings. Good reviews and tip ratings pull in customers, and also assistance businesses land aloft […]

Hard-hit Rochester bands together to emerge from Irene’s wrath

ROCHESTER —Mike Seaman, a 38 year-old tree use workman from Ithaca, Mich., on loan to Central Vermont Public Service Corp., stood in a silt-filled margin by a broken energy substation Wednesday morning and shook his head. “I’ve never seen H2O repairs like this,” Seaman said, fingering a goatee brave tied in a tiny knot. “I’ve […]