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Dental amalgams safe, UP dentistry school

A dentist uses a cavalcade as she treats a studious on Sep 6, 2013, in Bailleul, northern France. AFP FILE PHOTO/PHILIPPE HUGUEN MANILA, Philippines—No systematic justification links a use of mercury-containing dental amalgams or fillings with any health condition in annoy of commentary of high levels of mercury fog in dental institutions and supply stores […]

James ‘Whitey’ Bulger threats minute by former drug dealers during testimony

BOSTON (CNN) — An array of witnesses testified Friday in a 20th day of a sovereign hearing of conjectural Boston host trainer James “Whitey” Bulger: Former drug dealers, family members of purported victims and a debate dentist all took a stand. Some of Friday’s many engaging testimony came when former drug dealers minute a shock […]

Letters: Who should do dental work?

Re “Dentist groups heedful of health trend,” Jun 3 It’s time to give priority to dental health needs over a self-interest of veteran dental organizations. No volume of shock strategy on a partial of a American Dental Assn. can rebut a plain justification that scrupulously lerned therapists can perform simple dental procedures in a protected […]

Movies Are Shitty Because You Keep Stealing Them

It’s a flattering engaging argument. While we privately don’t pirate, I’m not about to support anti-piracy advocates either. Sure, if we wish to watch a film we missed in theaters, I’ll eventually get around to examination it on Netflix. If we wish to play a game, I’ll buy it since we wish to support a developers […]

A dentist’s view: Fluoridation is pivotal to community’s dental health

In Print: Sunday, Sep 25, 2011 Click here for reuse options! Story Tools Comments Contact a editor Email Newsletters   Re: City hears pros, cons on fluoride | story, Sept. 19 Fluoridation pivotal to dental health Every few years, a fluoridation of the internal H2O supply is reviewed by the internal inaugurated officials. During these […]