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Dental amalgams safe, UP dentistry school

A dentist uses a cavalcade as she treats a studious on Sep 6, 2013, in Bailleul, northern France. AFP FILE PHOTO/PHILIPPE HUGUEN MANILA, Philippines—No systematic justification links a use of mercury-containing dental amalgams or fillings with any health condition in annoy of commentary of high levels of mercury fog in dental institutions and supply stores […]

Costs of examine into HIV, hepatitis infection risk from Tulsa dentist tip $700000

The open health response to a Tulsa verbal surgeon’s probable bearing of during slightest 7,000 patients to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C has cost scarcely $700,000 so far. The cost will boost as health officials control follow-up investigations on those who have tested certain and continue to shade and exam former patients of Dr. […]

Mize Dentistry to enhance services

By Jo McIntyreCorrespondent, The Sun By adding Michael Harris, a well-traveled and gifted dentist, to a bureau of Dr. Kenneth G. Mize Family Dentistry, a dental bureau is in a routine of apropos a full-service practice. Additional services a Sheridan office, located during 411 W. Main St., will be means offer will be base canals […]

Glen Ellen prohibited atmosphere balloonist-dentist William Bird dies during 78

Instead, his dentistry career took him opposite a nation environment adult clinics and programs, building larger opportunities for students. William Bird He spent 22 years training and practicing during a UC San Francisco School of Dentistry. Bird was instrumental in formulating a school’s Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Program, that only graduated a initial […]

A.T. Still University names initial vanguard of dental school

A.T. Still University has found a initial vanguard of a Missouri School of Dentistry Oral Health, and went all a approach to a heading medical bureau in a republic to find him. Dr. Christopher Halliday (D.D.S., M.P.H.) will start duties Jun 1 after stepping down as Assistant Surgeon General and Chief of Staff to a […]

A prolonged tooth ache

Victor Harbor Times Feb 16, 2012 REGION – Patients seeking dental treatments on a south seashore by a open health use have to go by a South Coast District Hospital and face a 20 month wait for non-emergency services. This is since there are no internal private practices participating in a government-backed auxiliary scheme. The […]

Aetna module to support dental offices with smoking relinquishment initiatives

With cigarette smoking causing about 1 of any 5 deaths in a United States any year, Aetna is piloting a new module to support dentists in adopting a United States Public Health Service 5 A’s tobacco relinquishment discipline — Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist and Arrange. “Our work is designed to support not usually dentists and […]

Defeated dentists expected to keep busy

Merry Christmas, dentists! A infancy of Pinellas County commissioners contingency consider you’ve been extremely good this year, given they voted to discharge fluoride in a celebration H2O for some 700,000 residents. You know, a things we dentists and also a garland of inhabitant health organizations have consistently pronounced fights cavities and is a good apparatus […]

Gregg Randal Tyler, 1966-2011

Gregg Randal Tyler of Santa Barbara died Nov. 25, 2011, during age 45. Tyler was innate Jul 16, 1966, in Boston, Mass., where his father, Dr. Marvin Tyler, was operative for a U.S. Public Health Service as a dentist. They changed behind to a West Coast where his hermit Mark was innate in Port Angeles, […]

Crest Oral-B commend Mary Lynne Murray-Ryder as third target of RDH award

Mary Lynne Murray-Ryder, RDH   Crest Oral-B has respected Mary Lynne Murray-Ryder of Hermon, Maine, with a third Pros in a Profession award. A champion for dental hygiene, Mary Lynne has softened a lives of others both inside and outward a office. In further to her 31 years of knowledge as a dental hygienist, Mary […]