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Dental amalgams safe, UP dentistry school

A dentist uses a cavalcade as she treats a studious on Sep 6, 2013, in Bailleul, northern France. AFP FILE PHOTO/PHILIPPE HUGUEN MANILA, Philippines—No systematic justification links a use of mercury-containing dental amalgams or fillings with any health condition in annoy of commentary of high levels of mercury fog in dental institutions and supply stores […]

Dentists, students unprotected to high levels of mercury vapors, says study

Dentists, students and patients are being unprotected to high levels of dangerous mercury vapors in dental schools and supply stores around a country, according to an environmentalist watchdog. BAN Toxics (BT) on Thursday expelled a commentary of a investigate patrician “What Is in a Air: Mercury Vapor Levels in Dental Institutions,” that detected high levels […]

Patients Seeking a Holistic Dentist in Fremont, CA for Improved Oral Health in …

Dr. Colin Yoshida Brings holistic dentistry to Fremont, CA. Fremont, CA (PRWEB) Jan 22, 2014 Dr. Colin Yoshida offers Holistic dentistry and focuses on tying a use of assumed or vulnerable materials such as mercury or “silver” fillings, and regulating healthier alternatives instead. Because mercury is famous to be a poisonous element, Dr. Yoshida commits […]

Dentist put in amalgam fillings into my 9 year aged but my agree — what …

Dear Rightfully Upset Mother,          Unfortunately, many dentists in a US still use underneath a apparition that “silver amalgams,” that are indeed about half mercury, are OK to use, even in children. That is a outcome of their classroom preparation that teaches them that a toxins used in dentist – and mercury is only one […]

Public Demands FDA Take Immediate Action on Mercury Fillings

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2011 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — At an FDA Town Meeting Thursday, harmed consumers, dentists, and medical professionals will plea a Food and Drug Administration to strengthen a open from “silver” dental amalgam fillings containing 45-55% mercury.  Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, Director of a Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), will horde a […]