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Kevin Smith’s SModcast Pictures Presents Miss December

Phase 4 Films has announced the VOD world premiere of Miss December (formerly known as Calendar Girl) on November 1st. The thriller will be released under the Kevin Smith SModcast Pictures Presents label. The film stars Brian O’Halloran (Clerks, Clerks II), Corbin Bernsen (The Dentist), Gilbert Gottfried and Al Snow. Ari is a young woman whose poor taste in […]

Murder charges filed opposite male in Calif. sharpened that left 3 passed in Los …

DOWNEY, Calif. –  A convicted law-breaker was charged Monday with a murders of 3 people and a attempted murder of dual others during a glow extinguisher business and a circuitously home in suburban Downey final week. Jade Douglas Harris, 30, could face a genocide chastisement if he’s convicted of murder along with special business allegations […]

Celebrity horde Bob Eubanks signs publicity understanding with Zyppah

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Dentists to yield giveaway cleanings, fillings during Asheboro event

(Stock photo) <!–See some-more photos in a gallery–> ASHEBORO, N.C. — A nonprofit organisation is hosting a giveaway dental caring eventuality for those in need this week in Asheboro.  A orator with Dentistry From The Heart says any of a initial 200 people who arrive for Friday’s eventuality will accept their choice of a giveaway […]

Catching up: study pre-dentistry during DePauw

DePauw’s pre-dentistry bar was primarily fashioned as a apparatus for students meddlesome in pursing a dental career, though found it formidable to do so during a magnanimous humanities college. The pre-dentistry bar was founded by boss Trent Kirkwood, a senior. “[It acts as a] relationship from DePauw to dental school,” Kirkwood said. Kirkwood felt that […]

Dentist barred from practising in BC

A B.C. dentist found guilty of 33 instances of amateurish use and veteran bungle has had his registration cancelled by a College of Dental Surgeons of B.C., a many critical chastisement a college can impose. Derek Duvall will not be authorised to rehearse in B.C. unless he completes a college-approved ubiquitous dentistry module and passes […]

Today’s Family Dentistry to open subsequent month

A North Dakota local will open a dental use in Brandon early subsequent month. Dr. Matt Krivarchka, 29, who has been practicing during a Sioux Falls use a final 3½ years, is branching out on his possess to launch Today’s Family Dentistry. His use is located in a Eagle Creek frame mall along Holly Boulevard. […]

Dentists, physicians offer candy buyback for troops

Persuade your small monsters to partial with their additional candy this week to advantage soldiers overseas. Lifetime Family Dentistry will reason a candy buyback module from 3 to 6 p.m. Thursday during a bureau during 8313 Greenway Blvd., Suite 150 in Middleton. Dentists will compensate children $1 per bruise of candy, adult to 5 pounds. […]

Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jonathan Penchas DMD Restoring Smiles with …

HOUSTON, Oct. 29, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Jonathan Penchas DMD, a cosmetic dentist in Houston, Texas is restoring a smiles of people who have teeth that are badly decayed, shop-worn or even blank and are anticipating it annoying to smile. Dental tooth implants are a renouned grin replacement technique that is used to reinstate teeth […]

Dentists collect best and misfortune Halloween candies

As kids opposite America dream of entertainment adult full-sized candy bars by a armful this Halloween, dentists opposite America remind relatives that giving kids too most candy now can supplement adult to costly dental bills later. “Of course, dentists do not disciple that children eat vast amounts of sweetened treats, though it is that time […]