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HIV Discrimination In Dental Care: Williams Institute Study Measures Refusal …

Three decades into a AIDS epidemic, many HIV-positive patients still face slight taste when accessing dental care, a new California-based investigate has found. Prepared by a Williams Institute, a investigate surveyed a sum of 612 dentist offices via Los Angeles County, and found that 5 percent of all dental providers have a sweeping process of […]

Dentists’ seniority compensate problem on agenda

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Dentist donates 24-foot Cyprus to Citadel

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — Trident General Dentistry had a problem. A 24-foot Cyprus had grown too tighten to their building and indispensable to be removed.  “It’s a big, good tree for someone to use for Christmas,” Dr. Eric Layton said. Rather than cut a tree down and toss it to a curb, the office motionless […]

Fort Worth Dentistry Duo Offers Year End Orthodontic and Cosmetic Promotion

(EMAILWIRE.COM, Nov 30, 2011 ) Fort Worth, Texas – Dr. Robert Batton, D.D.S. and Dr. Justin Harlin, D.D.S., a group of ubiquitous and cosmetic dentists that also specialize in orthodontics in Fort Worth, Texas, are gratified to announce a introduction of an appealing year finish graduation for their patients. The dentists in Fort Worth are […]

Local dentist hosts giveaway day of dentistry

A internal dentist is giving behind to a village by charity a giveaway day of dentistry. Dr. Franklin Rios will horde a Giving Back Smiles Day on Friday. We were respected to offer such an critical event,” pronounced Dr. Franklin Rios. “We wish to move a grin to a face of anyone vital with ongoing […]

Patients wish mouth cancer checks

The infancy of patients visiting their dentist would like to be checked for mouth cancer, a formula of a new consult have revealed. The commentary showed that 9 in 10 patients (88%) would like to be checked for a disease. Despite a public’s enterprise to be checked for cancer, usually one in 7 people (14%) […]

Hypnosis and Dentistry

As we was giving a studious some Novocain a other day (which is technically Procaine, with Novocain being a trade name, though that’s for another post), she asked me about trance for dental pain instead. we had listened about trance for a lot of things, though dental pain? This was rather new to me, so […]

US study: 1 in 20 LA dentists refuses to provide anyone with HIV

A Williams Institute investigate has found that 5% of dentists they polled exclude services to people vital with HIV/AIDS, though pronounced this rate is partially good for a US medical industry. The investigate authors contend another 5% of a 612 dentists’ offices in Los Angeles County, California would take people vital with HIV as patients, […]

The History Of Dentistry In Belize

Email Print When we hear about a book named “My Reflections On Dentistry in Belize” – if you’re not a dentist we competence consider it’s not all that interesting. But, Dr. Chris Bennett’s initial book is startling for a brush and a amicable gems he turns adult as he tells about his scarcely 40 years […]

Dent-O-Care Celebrates a Launch of Their New Website by Offering Free Delivery

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